Device Management for Businesses

Device Management Partner for Businesses, non-profits & government agencies.

    What is a Device Management partner?

    We are a supply chain logistics partner geared towards helping companies get affordable devices needed to run their business.

    What type of devices can the phone link help my business with?

    We have access to large quantities of phones, tablets and computers. We work with open box, used and refurbished devices. Whether you need 100 open box iPad Airs for your POS system or 500 B grade iPad 3 for your warehouse we’ve got you covered. We work with iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Samsung phones, Samsung tablets, PC computers and more!

    Why wouldn’t I buy from my service provider or directly from the Manufacture?

    The life cycle of your devices are increasing. This means that older models are still very effective for most circumstances & typically come at much more affordable rates. Sometimes saving you as much as 70% on your device purchases.

    Sure, if you’re a cutting edge graphic design agency then you likely need the newest MacBooks. But if you work for a school board and you need 200 iPads for students & are working on a tight budget then B grade iPad Air 1 may be more suitable!

    What happens if I have any issues with my devices?

    Our warranties range from 90-day to 1-year depending on the purchase. We also offer extended warranty & device repair options!

    In summary, The Phone Link operates in one of the fastest moving markets in the world. Devices are essential to your business operations & with new device costs continuing to increase it’s important for you to have options. We can help you source the right hardware for your businesses unique needs.