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The Phone Link is one of Toronto’s leading computer repair service providers. We are a locally-owned and operated computer repair shop specializing in efficient and professional computer repairs. Read more about our repair services below.

Computer Common Repairs

Our Dedicated Team Of Repair Experts Are Always Available To Get Your Computer Working Like Brand New

Charging Port Replacement

Data Recovery

Speaker Replacement

Motherboard Repair

Battery Replacement

Other Repair

Computer Repair Shop in Toronto

Did your computer break down in the middle of an important project, and now your search history is filled with “computer repair near me” queries? We get that. That’s why we’re conveniently located in downtown Toronto to serve your computer repair needs!

Common questions about computer repair: 

Where do I go for a computer repair? 

Are you in Toronto? Come to The Phone Link! 

We recommend researching your area and finding a local store that can service your needs as soon as possible if you’re elsewhere. Computer manufacturers often don’t do repairs themselves. Even if they do, you usually need to mail your device off to a facility and wait for weeks before you get your computer back.

How much does a computer screen repair cost?

In all computer repair shops, laptop screen repair costs depend on the model and make of your computer. A ballpark estimate is around $100 to $200, but it can be much higher just based on part cost.

How do you repair a slow computer?

We troubleshoot before we change anything (hardware or software) in your computer that’s running slow. However, suppose we find that the cause of your computer running slow is things we can fix with a quick operating system re-installation. In that case, we’ll recommend you get that computer repair service.

However, suppose we’ve already given your computer a new operating system, and it’s still slow. In that case, we’ll do any or all of the following, depending on which upgrades you want to get:

  • RAM Upgrade
  • HDD to SSD Upgrade
  • SSD Capacity Upgrade
  • GPU Upgrade*

*You’ll have to purchase your own compatible graphics card unit from your preferred vendor, and we’d be happy to install it for you.

Common Computer Repairs

Screen Repair

Laptops are incredibly prone to screen damage. Since we can take them anywhere, the likeliness of damaging their sensitive screens is high. Here at The Phone Link, we offer laptop screen repair and replacement services, according to the magnitude of your computer screen’s damage.

Battery Replacement

Another popular computer repair service for laptops is battery replacement services. Batteries aren’t meant to perform well forever, so customers are likely to get them replaced when they start to deteriorate. Our laptop battery replacement services will bring your laptop battery back to its fresh, out-of-the-box battery performance with high-quality replacement components.

Liquid Damage

Every electronic device is prone to liquid damage because of how much we use them. Computers are no exception! That’s why we offer liquid damage repair services for them. We check out where spilled liquid managed to travel inside your computer, and we’ll let you know what components need repair or replacement.

Hard Drive Repair and Replacement

Over time, hard drives begin to underperform. That’s because while you write and delete data on them, their lifespan shortens. In short, they’re not meant to last forever, just like batteries. We offer hard drive repair and replacement services that can have your computer running faster, and you can opt to get a bigger hard drive for your data.

Malware Removal

Computer malware contains viruses, spyware, and other bad stuff for your computer. Luckily, our technicians are equipped to deal with them and save your data from malicious invaders and permanent deletion. We offer data recovery, malware deletion, and operating system re-installation services for malware removal services.

Computer Brands we fix

Asus Computer Repair

We offer a wide range of ASUS computer repair services. We’ve got your repair and upgrade needs covered here at The Phone Link – from screen repairs to RAM upgrades.

Acer Computer Repair

Acer computers have been serving consumers for a long time. That’s why our technicians are well-educated in taking care of them, especially when you need a professional Acer computer repair. So come to us for your battery replacement, screen repair, and other computer repair needs!

Dell Computer Repair

Dell ultrabooks, notebooks, and all-in-one PCs are popular. Hence, if you have a Dell computer that needs repair service, make sure to come to a professional. If you’re near Toronto, you can reach out to us, and we’d be happy to assist you with your Dell computer repair inquiries.

Lenovo Computer Repair

Their famous Yoga line of all-in-one laptops and notebooks is not uncommon for our technicians here at The Phone Link. That’s why our techs know how best to assist you with your Lenovo computer repair needs! So get your Lenovo laptop screen repair or any other repair from us to ensure top-notch service.

Gateway Computer Repair

Gateway, which is now under Acer, is a technology brand making a comeback with new laptops serving consumers and competing with today’s brands. If you have a Gateway computer that needs service, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Phone Link. We offer an extensive range of repairs for Gateway computers, and our technicians are always happy to help.

Sony Computer Repair

Sony’s popular VAIO laptops are timeless classics in the technology market. It’s a brand tied to Sony, and we’ve had our fair share of Sony users come to us for help, and we can assure you that we can help you with your Sony computer repair needs. Just let us know what issues you’re having with your Sony computer, and we’ll solve them for you!

HP Computer Repair

Household technology brand HP is popular among consumers and technicians alike. Our technicians frequently encounter HP computers as they professionally restore laptops to excellent conditions. Our range of HP computer repair services is done by our professionals equipped with the knowledge and best equipment to fix your HP computer.

Toshiba Computer Repair

Our computer repair services include Toshiba computer repair offers for screen repairs, battery replacements, RAM upgrades, hard drive repairs and replacements, and many others. So if you’ve got a Toshiba computer that needs some fixing, come to The Phone Link and get the professional care your Toshiba computer deserves.

Samsung Computer Repair

Like The Phone Link, Samsung isn’t only about smartphones. They have their Galaxy Book and Chromebook lines meant for casual and professional computing. Luckily, our offers include ones for Samsung computer repair services! So reach out to us, and we’ll be glad to diagnose and repair your Samsung computer.

MacBook Repair

We offer iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro repairs. Do you have one that needs service? Don’t hesitate to come to downtown Toronto and get help from The Phone Link’s finest Apple technicians! Get your MacBook repair services from us and expect no less than high-quality, professional service.

Don’t see your specific brand listed here? Give us a call or bring it in – we’ll take a look anyway!

We understand that there are practically thousands of computer brands out there. Don’t worry. We’re open to looking at any computer brand you might need help with. Just give us a call or drop by our downtown Toronto location. We’ll be glad to help and provide you with the computer repair solution you need.


The Phone Link offers a 90-day warranty on MacBook Pro and desktop pc repairs. However, the warranty does not cover physical and water damage. When you bring your laptop to our shop, our technicians will carefully examine and test it. If you’re not satisfied after repair, bring it back to us and we’ll do our best to fix it at no cost.   

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Who We Are

The Phone Link is a locally-owned and community-focused professional device repair shop. We aim to provide accessible iPhone, Android, and other device repair services in Toronto, ON.

We take pride in what we do. And what we do best is restore your device back to its original condition. With us, you are guaranteed a professional, original quality repair. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Same Day Repairs

Our services are customer-focused, so with every repair our team of professionals takes on, we make sure to put quality and customer satisfaction first. That’s why most of our device repairs are done the same day. We want your device back to you in fresh condition ASAP.

We offer a 90-Day on all repairs and device sales and
1-Year on battery repairs. So rest assured if something is out of the ordinary after your repair, we will take care of it for you free of charge. Warranty does not cover Physical or liquid damage! Other restrictions may apply.

What We Offer

Part of making expert device repairs accessible is providing an extensive range of services. The Phone Link offers the following:

  • iPhone Repair
  • Samsung Repair
  • Android Smartphone Repair
  • iPad Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • Other Device Repairs

We also buy used and broken devices and offer a big range of used and certified refurbished devices for sale.

Our Mission

As a locally-grown professional repair team, it’s our mission to pilot top-quality repairs in our community. We take the necessary steps by working with the most talented technicians in Toronto, sourcing the highest quality of replacement components, and putting the tech needs of our customers first.

Time is money. And our personal electronics are used in almost every aspect of our life. We strive to get your device back to its original condition in the shortest amount of time possible, without sacrificing quality. Count on us to get your device back to you in no time.

Best Repair Service

What Our Customers Are Saying

Catherine Graham
Catherine Graham
Great experience buying a used iPhone. Thanks, Anmol!
frida vokshi
frida vokshi
Great place ! Anmol helped me a lot , thank you, will definitely come back again!
Vansee Naidu
Vansee Naidu
It’s a waste of a star, I would not recommend this store I brought an apple lightning cable for 40 bucks The owner of the store lied the authenticity of the product and sold me a knockoff cable at extreme high price.Apple does not evensell for more than 30$ for a cable.
Benjamin F
Benjamin F
Anmol helped save my phone after I dropped it on the sidewalk and cracked the screen, I’m very grateful! Quick and quality service, 10/10 would recommend
Lubwama Godfrey Nasala
Lubwama Godfrey Nasala
Good service
Marco Collini
Marco Collini
Great shop with great customer service! Bought a used phone for a good price and everything works perfect. Highly suggested.
Mesfin Setargie
Mesfin Setargie
I had a bad experience at this places. This place is really a scam. I gave them my phone to fix it, instead they made it useless. Plus, The staff are not friendly or willing to give you an explanation. PLEASE DON’T EVER GO TO THIS PLACE UNLES YOU DON’T NEED YOUR PHONE BACK.
pj stitt
pj stitt
Great service… Anmol was very obliging..
Kim Pereira
Kim Pereira
Great service! I got my iPhone XR battery replaced and fixed my charging port. Highly recommend!